The Patchwork Raven is an indie publisher based in Wellington. We create beautiful, unusual books with a wide variety of international writers and artists. We like to think of the Raven as the garage band of Wellington publishing.


What does that mean? It means we are all about getting to the meat of book–creation, making beautiful things on a shoestring from our living rooms, using all our combined knowledge and skill to come up with innovative, beautiful products and new ways to get them into the hands of our readers.  


We love our people - the writers and artists with whom we work, and the readers who buy our books. We want to talk to you, meet you at our gigs, have beers with you, listen to your stories, tell you about our projects.  


We may call ourselves a garage band publisher, but don't misinterpret that as meaning we are ever satisfied with anything less than excellence. Will and Jax share a penchant for perfectionism, and a love of gorgeous words presented in beautiful packaging. We are challenging some of the assumptions about how that happens, but not at the cost of quality. Every Patchwork Raven book is a part of that legacy.


We also share a love of good beer, good music and good tales. The Patchwork Raven is all of that. Gritty. Home-brewed. High quality. Pull up a bar-stool. Turn up the tunes. Try our stories.


The Patchwork Raven team is:

  •   Jax Goss (maverick publisher, editor, and tale-spinner)

  •   Will Thompson (designer and drummer)



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