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We create beautiful, unusual books with a wide variety of international writers and artists.

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Hello Ravenites

Welcome to our (approximately) monthly newsletter. To tell the truth, it probably won't exactly be like clockwork, but we will do our best to get them out at semi-regular intervals.

We've been inundated with novel submissions, to the point where we've had to temporarily close them while we try to catch up on reading the manuscripts. It's pretty exciting that we've gotten that much attention so quickly. So thanks to everyone who submitted, and double thanks for your patience as we wend our way through your worlds.

"Twelve Days" is well on track for a Christmas publication. As I write this, we are only one story away from a full complement. We're still missing "6 Geese a-Laying" so those of you who are writers and not yet in the book, it would be awesome if you could turn your pens and keyboards to that and send us something amazing. See our submissions page for more information.

In the meantime, Will is working away on the illustrations and design for the book and Jax is already elbow deep in editing it. We're looking forward to this inaugural anthology being something really very special.

Jax is also working on revising and re-releasing a couple of her books from her time at Solarwyrm. These will become part of the Raven backlist. We also have a couple of new projects in the works for which we will be opening submissions soon.

So it's all go at the Rookery! We're so thrilled at how many of you have been hopping onto our social media pages and interacting with us. For a fledgling (hah! see what I did there?) publisher, it's astonishing to have this much support before we even release our first book. A very, very heartfelt thank you.

Stay awesome.
Jax & Will
The Patchwork Raven



Twelve Days: DEADLINE EXTENSION!! One more week to get your subs in!

We have extended submissions for this anthology to the end of May. We've crossed off the titles we know for sure we have stories for, though we haven't yet got through all the submissions we received. (So if you sent a story for one of the still open titles, don't assume we're not using it.) 



The Twelve Days of Christmas. Everyone knows the song. And at some point, everyone has thought, "Man that must have gotten really disconcerting getting all those things from their 'love'. There must be an easier way..."


And so we are making one: a way for people to give all these things to their love without the logistical nightmare.


The Patchwork Raven is calling for story submissions for an anthology based on the twelve gifts given in the well-known Christmas song.

We're hoping to have it available for this Christmas, which is why submissions are only open for a month. But I am a writer, I know what it's like - writers thrive on deadlines right?  


Welcome to our new website!!

We are stoked to have something tangible for you to look at! Things will continue to change and evolve at a rapid rate, so keep coming back for updates.

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