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Raven Update!

Oh hi, Ravenites! It's been a while since we posted an update, so here I am, doing something about that.

Twelve Days

Twelve Days was a pretty amazing success. Let me take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to every single person who pledged on our Pledgeme campaign and helped to make this book a reality. We ended up in the green on this one, which, for those of you who don't know, is pretty rare for an indie publisher on their first book. We are incredibly proud of this book, and so grateful to everyone who got on board with it. We couldn't do this without you - thank you so much for your support.

If you didn't snag yourself a copy via the Pledgeme campaign, you can now buy it on our website. We have about 40 copies of the art book left, so if you want one get in QUICKLY. We may print more depending on demand, but we don't currently have plans to, so at the moment these are extremely limited edition. Get yours now. You can also buy the paperback and the ebook from us, or on Amazon, if that's easier for you.

The Children's Book

Hey, remember that children's bedtime story book we were working on? We're still working on it. We got a truly astonishing number of submissions for it, so between that, and the holidays, and all the Twelve Days stuff, and earthquakes, and life in general it has taken us longer to get through them than anticipated. We apologise profusely to the writers who submitted for how long its taking, but we are still working through them and hope to get back to you very soon. Thanks again for your patience - those of you who have emailed have been incredibly understanding and lovely about it. We have the best people.

The Backlist

We're also working on the rereleases of the books Jax brought with her from Solarwyrm, which should hopefully be up in the next few months. So watch the Raven website and social media for a bunch of new books showing up there over the next few months. We're giving them an edit and a polish just to make them even shinier than they already were, but they should be there soon.

Upcoming Projects

We're still working through the many novel manuscript submissions we received last year, and hope to pick a few brand new books. We'll also be announcing at least one new project in the next few months. Because we don't stay still here in the halls of the Raven. It's all go.

Thanks again for being part of this journey.

The support we've received has been amazing.

Happy new year (belatedly) and happy Valentine's day (in advance)

Stay awesome, beautiful humans.

Jax and Will

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