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Here's a little peek behind the curtain of what's happening at the Raven at the moment. We have three major projects in the works right now.

Backyard Earth

The Backyard Earth project is a massively ambitious project I have going on where I am trying to collect one story from every country in the world, to go into a five part anthology (one per continent). It's a slow, steady slog at this point. We have been getting a steady trickle of stories, but it is slow going, and I am not willing to compromise on quality. Rest assured though that movement is happening.

Upcoming books

We have two other books in the works which are both kind of niche, weird, beautiful, disturbing projects from Kiwi creators - just the kinds of things you'd expect from the Raven. I'm hoping to be able to announce these soon, but we're still finalising things, so it's not quite at that point yet.


I've also been gradually working through our novels submissions pile, and I am hoping to get one or two of those out into the world over the next year or so. It's slow going though, as I am the only editor, and I have a bit on my plate.

The Patreon

The rewards at our patreon have changed! You can still get art postcards if you are on a $10+ tier, but everyone is getting digital badges in their inboxes to thank them for their support. There are also a number of nifty physical rewards you can claim at higher tiers.

Become a patron now!

Future schemes

I have another fairly ambitious project bubbling in my back brain which will be similar to the illuminated manuscripts, but hopefully make that easier to stay on top of. I think leaving it all in the hands of a single artist was perhaps a mistake, so I am scheming ways to spread that out a bit. If I'm honest, this is probably not something that will start until the beginning of 2021, just because I am about to hit my busiest time in my other communities, but rest assured, I am still thinking up ways to bring you content that is beautiful and enjoyable.

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