It's the last week!

November 6, 2016

Hi Ravenites! 


Well, we're in our very last week of our Pledgeme Crowd funding campaign, and things are going well. Though they could be better! We have just over $1000 to go as I write this. 

If you haven't yet secured your preordered copy of Twelve Days, now would be an excellent time to do it. 


I'm living in a state of perpetual stress and excitement, to be honest. Every time my email notification goes on my phone, I leap to look and see if it is a pledge. I wake up at 2am thinking about marketing and who I haven't told yet, and how to spread the word. I'm turning into a caffeine-driven maniac. It is really only merciful to get us over that 4k mark as soon as possible, so that I can sleep again. ;) 


And in all seriousness, this book is great. I know I keep talking about how proud of it we are, but honestly, it is so beautiful and the stories are amazing. Please consider helping us make it a reality. And you'll get yourself a copy before anyone else! You won't regret it. 


There are also still five of the twelve limited edition art print rewards left. They've been pretty popular, and we will never print them again, so if you'd like one, you only have till Friday to grab one! Will is even going to sign them! Don't miss out. 


Pledge now! 


And to those of you who already have pledged to the campaign, and who have been retweeting and linking and talking about it, you are amazing. There is no way we could ever dream of doing what we do the way we do it without you awesome folk. So thank you so much, and thank you for being patient with our inability to talk about anything else at the moment, especially if you pledged in the first week, and have just been putting up with us ever since. You're amazing. We love you guys. 


Stay awesome! 

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