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March 1, 2019

We're on Patreon!


We've been working on this for a while. We wanted a way to stay in touch with all of you in between projects. Will and I both have day jobs and very full lives (he shares my over-commitment habit), and so sometimes our books can have long gaps between them. SO we were talking about finding a way to keep momentum during the long hard slog of book creation. 


Back before the Raven, I used to produce small chapbooks every couple of months of stories and poetry which I sourced from my wide net of amazing writers. I loved the subscription aspect and the constant turnover of work, but it was a HUGE time commitment, and not something I could do justice to now. 


So we had a bit of a brainstorm, and came up with some other cool monthly rewards for patrons. 




Once a month, we will do a run of Raven postcards featuring one piece of our art. We will start with the art from "Twelve Days" and work our way through what we have. I'll write a personal message on each one and send them out to people who take this reward. Art, in your mailbox, in postcard form, once a month. 






I love illuminated manuscripts, and have been wanting to do a project like this for ages. We have collected 12 stories (one per month) based very loosely on the signs of the Zodiac (Aries - Pisces). Each one is being illustrated by my wonderful talented friend Min Minn in a kind of modern illuminated manuscript style. The first one is done and ready to go and it is BEAUTIFUL. There are both digital and physical tier levels. 



We also have tier levels combining the above, and one super patron level.  






At this level, you will get both the postcards and the illuminated manuscripts, but ALSO a copy of any future books we publish as they are released. You won't need to do anything or buy them anywhere else. When they are printed, I will send you a copy. 



We're very excited about this and really hope to see some of you coming on board over there. Your subscriptions won't just get you cool Raven stuff each month; they will also help us cover our costs and create even more nifty projects. 




Thanks in advance for your support. We love you. 

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